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I actually get it... I used to work in real estate and understand the selling process and what it takes to get a home sold, and sold FAST. How the home presents itself to buyers is HUGE! And on the flip side, being able to visualize a home’s potential can help ease buyers into purchasing a home that may require a little work.

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SDid+va is a brand new branch of my business which allows me to assist designers with the execution of their projects. This is not design assistance, but designER assistance. Think sourcing, presentations, concept boards, drawings and renderings - the deliverables. If you're a designer looking to outsource these areas within your business as a way to streamline your process and free up some of your time, then I invite you to take a look at the ways I can help. As a Mydoma certified VA, you can be sure your outsourcing is in good hands, Click the links below for my available DVA services.

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