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If you currently own or are thinking about purchasing a vacation rental property, the design of the home and how it presents itself is more important than you may think. It's not just about pretty, well staged photos. It's about how the space feels and functions. There are 3 key stages of the overall process:

When vacationers search for rental homes, there are hundreds (sometimes thousands) or properties that could show up in the search results. It's within this first stage that your property needs to stand out and stop them from scrolling the endless list of homes. You want to be unique yet inviting so that potential clients will want to explore your home as an option for them.

Once your property is rented, your renters will be eagerly awaiting their arrival. It's within that first impression that you could make or break their entire stay. Things to consider: Is the home accommodating for the number of heads it claims to sleep? Think outside the box, or in this case outside the bed. What about having the appropriate number of seats in the living room or at the dining table? Is the entryway large enough to allow everyone to enter/exit easily? Are the appliances and electronics easy to use? Are items easy to find? Things like these matter and don't go unnoticed. 

Happy clients lead to steller reviews and repeat renters. All of which gets you a greater ROI (return on investment). If you're doing it right, you'll be able to increase your rental fee and your bookings, which overall means money for you - a win win!

If you're ready to level up your vacation rental property, don't overlook the design! Book now & thank me later:

mini service
standard service
deluxe service

Not sure where or how to start? Book a consultation first:

Site visits are currently only available within the state of North Carolina and may require a separate travel fee.
All other property locations will be handled in a strictly virtual setting.


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