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Boho-Southwest Inspired Dining Room

Updated: Jun 28, 2022

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The boho and southwest trends blend so well together. Both incorporate warm earthy colors and textures with hints of geometric patterns. But don't think that patterns and textures have to be busy. Here's a simple yet bold blend of the two styles:

Rustic bench style dining offers a casual "family style" feel. The contrasting colors of the table and bench provide a level of interest and depth. A mixed-media chair caps off either end of the table adding additional seating. Finish it off with some glass vases as centerpiece decor and you've got a pretty inviting place to wine and dine. Floating over the table is a a simple yet bold light fixture to add a natural element. The texture of the wicker globe plays off of the woven texture of the dining room chair, just in a contrasting color (if you can't tell, I love a little contrast).

The jute rug mirrors the texture of the light fixture, adding geometric accents with the white border. The size of the rug will just slightly outsize the table. Floral accessories such as the large fiddle leaf fig and the cactus wall print provide some brightness and color. Both elements blend the styles with the basket that hugs the potted fig and the golden frame around the dessert themed print. You see what I mean about contrast? All of this is against a very neutral wall color; a subtle beige color with neutral-cool undertones. Going light and neutral will allow all of the furniture and finish selections to pop and stand on their own. Like what you see? Find these items here: Wall Color: SW Natural Choice Area Rug: Rugs USA Dining Table: West Elm - Emmerson Dining Table

Dining Bench: West Elm - Emmerson Dining Bench Dining Chair: West Elm - Slope Dining Pendant Light: West Elm - Wicker Globe Cactus Framed Wall Print: World Market Glass Vases: World Market Flowerpot Basket: World Market

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