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Trend Highlights from Spring HPMKT 2024

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which I may earn a small commission off of just for your interest, so thank you!

Another Market in the books! Aside from a little wind the first day, the weather was beautiful and definitely drew an awesome crowd. This time I found myself walking more and taking less shuttles just to suck up some of that warm sunshine. Spring fever is real.

We all know that market is THE place to see that latest in design industry trends, but that also goes for fashion. In the fall, leather was clearly the "it" fabric. This spring it was denim - jackets, jumpsuits, dresses, tops, skirts. So, let this be your fashion trend alert and go get you some denim! Here's some great picks > Budget Friendly Women's Denim Outfits

While this trend did not show up on furniture or textile applications, what I did see seemed to compliment that very well. Whites were out in full force, as were natural wood tones and materials. Lots of raw woods and more organic woven materials. We started to see some of this last market, but it was definitely taken up a notch this time.

Another pleasant surprise was all of the acrylic. From table legs and chair seats, to mirror frames and even lighting, it was a fresh take on a trend from the past. It's another one of those trends we've seen already, but it was definitely done in more creative ways this market.

While the acrylic trend can be seen as the LACK of texture, it still plays in on that element while providing a stark contrast to more tactical textures which were everywhere this market. Your sense of touch was definitely activated at just about every showroom. From fabrics and wallpaper, to rugs and furniture frames; everything invited you touch it. And did any of you catch the stunning artwork? So much dimension!

TOP LEFT: acrylic chair

TOP RIGHT: checkered rug

BOTTOM LEFT: thibaut mural wallpaper BOTTOM RIGHT: rattan dining chair

And by now you all know how much I love lighting. Well, I definitely had that love fulfilled. Lots of great fixtures and even learned about some new (to me) vendors that I'm now stalking (like this amazing designer). What I loved most were the large oversized fixtures - big and bold, or go home. And so many of the textures I mentioned above were very apparent. Lots of powder coated whites, raw & natural woods, textured/mercury glass and smooth acrylic. I want them all!

I think a lot of what we saw at spring will carry over into fall. The pops of colors ranged from bright to bold and I think that will hold strong the rest of the year. Lots of organic feeling materials, too, and the use of old and vintage products in a newer, more modern way. I hope the heavy textures stick around, too. I'll never turn down a chunky woven rug!

For more on High Point Market and trends, stay tuned for additional blog posts. There's just too much goodness for a single post!

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