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Are Nugget Cushions Really Worth the Money?

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. I may earn a small commission off of your interest in this post, so thank you!

I had my eye on these for a while but had a hard time justifying the price. But after looking at them repeatedly, I decided to splurge on them for my sons birthday which I knew would also be a bonus gift for my daughter. And sure enough, they were a huge hit!

(Scroll through to see a few of the various configuration options)

So what’s so special about Nugget? For starters, they are made right here in North Carolina! I love when things are USA based but they get bonus points for home state status. They arrived quickly and were compactly packaged. With a little easy cutting and patience as to not cut into the cushions themselves, they popped open and began expanding and taking shape. They reminded me of those mattresses in a box, same concept. Once they rested for a while (give it 24 hrs if possible), they were ready for the covers. We opted for the additional waterproof liners (sold separately) which go on first. Then the fabric covers zip on over top. This way, the inner cushions are protected from spills and will last us longer.

What’s great about the cushion covers is that they are completely removable and washable. In our house, that is a must have qualification for any upholstered product (if it’s not faux leather). Between spilled snacks, marker streaks, and dog drool (#greatdaneproblems) these things will be put through the wringer. And so far so good! All of the above mentioned incidents were easily washed/wiped away which keeps them looking good as new.

On top of that, they actually look nice! Which as an interior designer, that’s a huge bonus. They offer s wide range of colors and textures so you’re sure to find one that works perfectly with your decor. And if you ever decide to switch things up and redecorate, no problem! They offer just the replacement cushion covers as a separate purchase so you’re not having to purchase a whole new set of cushions.

So step your fort building game up and grab a set of these Nugget cushions. They’re a great addition to any family or playroom! Get your set here.

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