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The Perfect Coloring Book for Interior Designers, Design Students, Design Enthusiasts - and Anyone!

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which I may earn a small commission off of just for your interest, so thank you!

Ok, I’ll admit this is a shameless plug. But how cool is it that my FIRST coloring book is published and available for purchase?! Clearly I’m stoked and I hope you all find it to be a fun way to destress and to also provide a creative outlet.

So what’s inside? Glad you asked! Volume 1 is a mix of designs from my portfolio of projects. You’ll see some bathrooms, some kitchens, some furniture pieces and even a few tile patterns and detail shots.

Each page is single sided to prevent any bleed through. That way you can ensure your images are kept clean incase you want to create some frameable artwork for your own home.

Need some suggestions for making the most of your coloring experience? Prismacolor is by far the brand of choice when it comes to professional quality renderings. I’ve used this brand since I was in design school and can vouch for the smooth lay and blend ability of all of their products.

And to really melt your pencil colors, the Rembrandt Splender Blender is unmatched. It’s a staple in my pencil box.

Get your copy of Color by Design and coloring supplies today. Post your creations and tag me!! I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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