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Must Have Kitchen Gadgets & Accessories

Affiliate Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links which I may earn a small commission off of just for your interest, so thank you!

Whether you're looking for gifts your family and friends will love, or you're wanting to take advantage of holiday sales for yourself (#treatyourself), I've got a list of clear winners for your kitchen:

For any true coffee lovers, this is hands down the BEST coffee maker and saves you from having to make your daily coffee run (no offense, Starbucks). Similar to a Kuerig, these are single pods for a quick cup brewed on demand with a frothy finish. Here is the exact model I swear by. Get it now and thank me later! Now, excuse me while I go make another cup.

Gotta have these for your new Nespresso maker! There are several brands that make these style pods for use in a Nespresso Vertuo maker, but I have found that the Nespresso brand coffee is unmatched. The flavors are full and rich, even the decaffeinated options. Here's a quick list of my favorite flavors right now. Get the seasonal ones now before they're gone! And for you diehard Starbucks fans, Starbucks makes a Vertuo pod and they're a close second to the Nespresso brand pods - there's something for everyone:

This is more of a favorite of my husband, being the iced coffee drinker in the house, but it's become a practical essential in house as it saves him the expensive trip to Starbucks. Coffee prices these days... geez. So this has been a big cost saver for us.

If you don't have an air fryer yet, you are missing out. We just recently got ours (this exact one) and are kicking ourselves for not doing it sooner. If you have kids, it makes the best dino chicken nuggets and tater tots (*chefs kiss*)! But also, crispy brussel sprouts which were also kid approved. This model gives you an oven/toaster feature so it works great for pizza, biscuits and cookies to name a few. It's quicker than a conventional oven and the clean up is surprisingly quick and easy. Get it while it's still on sale!

A simple item, but a life save if you have pizza regularly like us. This model has been our favorite and is incredibly easy. I love the safety guard which prevents tiny hands from getting cut when reaching into the drawer. Everything pops off for easy clean up, too! The best cutter we've owned.

We consider this a kitchen staple in our house, the BEST sauce for quick hibachi style dinners. They offer a variety of flavors, including a gluten free option! Grab one for you and one as a gift.

Such a compact appliance with so many uses! Our biggest use for it was when our kids were babies. We would make our own baby food (which is a lot easier than it sounds) and would use this to puree it. Beyond that, it makes deliciously easy smoothies. We've even used it to puree soups and homemade sauces.

Before we figured out how to actually use it and maintain it, we almost threw ours away. It takes a little getting used to. The first step is to season it which is a process that involves oiling it and cooking it on a low temp for an extended amount of time before you can start cooking with it. This process will need to be done from time to time to keep it in tip top shape. Cooking with it also takes some patience. Temperature will need to be maintained and you'll need to pay attention to the oils you use to prevent burning. With a little trial and error, we (and by we, I mean my husband) have it figured out and will forever be a cast iron user. Burgers, meatballs and even ground meat for pasta sauces or tacos are amazing. You can also bake breads and cobblers in it. And one of our favorites uses involves putting it directly on the grill or smoker. An incredibly versatile product that will last a lifetime.

Many of these items are on sale right now so hurry and take advantage of the savings. And then post all about how happy you are with your purchases!

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