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My #vhometour Project House: Master Bedroom

Updated: Feb 13, 2023

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I had the privilege of participating in Mydoma Studio’s recent #vhometour competition and figured I’d break down each of the 5 spaces that I designed in a new blog series. We’ll look at the master bedroom first.

The subject client of this space was the perfect mix of flexible, fun and simple which made the actual design process equal parts easy and hard. Hard because it was really wide open, but easy because I could get as creative as I wanted. In this case I chose to be subtle and feminine with my choice of colors and textures.

The bedding is simple but bright enough, the furniture pieces are light and anchor the high ceilings, and the chandelier is just fun and really compliments the accent wall. If you’re up to date on trendy color news you’ll definitely recognize the color I chose for that window wall. It’s non other than Sherwin Williams 2023 color of the year: Redend Point (SW 9081). It’s quite the controversial color with it’s reminiscent similarities to that dated pink look from the nineties. I personally think this is quite a nice update from that and leaves itself open for uses in several settings. It pretty much became the concept for my design in this space. You’ll see hints of that color throughout the accessories I used and leading into the closet.

Which definitely posed a bit of a design dilemma for me. The closet originally had two windows but the almost awkward shape of that room already posed some space constraints so I chose wall space over windows and removed both. This way, you are able to go end to end with built-in cabinets, both to conceal and to display the clients wardrobe. I added a fun wallpaper on one wall to make the space feel more like a high-end dressing room rather than just a closet. A place to sit and try on shoes next to a floor length mirror really finishes off that space.

I definitely think this space hits on the perfect mix of feminine yet subtle, and is both simple but charming. I have to give credit to the accent wall for kickstarting my design. Thoughts on the next SW color of the year - yay or nay? Too trendy or neutral enough? Let me know what you’re thinking.

Can’t wait to share with you the other spaces I submitted. Until then, happy styling!

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