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Thanksgiving Table Display

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For those of you hosting the big turkey dinner this year, this post is for you! I myself will be hosting BOTH sides of the family at our home for Thanksgiving so we'll be in good company with everyone here. Well, almost everyone - we'll miss you Aunt Bri! But still a large group around our table. So I'm already planning the menu - and of course the table setting.

When I was growing up, my grandma always hosted big holiday dinners at their house. It was the family gathering spot. I always loved how thoughtful and festive her table decor was from the name plates, the multipurpose drinkware, floral arrangements and table linens. It's something that has stuck with me over the years. When I'm setting up for a big celebration at my own home I always catch myself looking back at those memories (oh, the red water goblets... *inside joke*).

I tend to go for more simple setups, though - a nice table runner, some good flowers with lots of greenery, and always candles. And that's really about it. I keep it pretty neutral, too, and let the floral arrangements provide the color depending on the season. But these basic placement tips and combinations can be done with more bold colors and patterns if you'd like. Just be sure to keep balance in mind.

You want to add variety in height, size and shape. This example shows pumpkins that are shorter and round mixed with taller, more slender candle sticks and tall vases with simple flowy greenery. I opted against flowers since the pumpkins provided enough color. I love the earthy feel of it all.

The table linens show variety in pattern and texture. And since I opted for multiple table runners instead of placemats, I chose chargers to place under the plates to ground the dinnerware which again adds to the earthy elements.

The water glasses are super textured which I love! They compliment the more sleek and smooth finish of the wine glasses. And did you notice the gold rim on the wine glass? A nice little touch of sparkle in a very subtle way.

And lucky you, I've linked everything here so that you can recreate this look at your own table this holiday season! What's your favorite?

BONUS TIP: swap out the pumpkins for these large Christmas balls and opt for an evergreen floral display and you're ready for Christmas, too!

Designed by SDid

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